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This really wasn’t that hard. Find some pictures of suffering Gaza children. (Sadly there are many to choose from). Blow them up to poster size and add some signs like “I’m not paying for this”. Just say you want to end support for Israel or at least pressure them. You really don’t need to go all in on “Israel never should have been created” or “we don’t want no two state, we want all of 48”. A protest movement laser focused on JUST ending Gaza suffering really does have the potential to be popular, but I guess that’s not edgy enough for the protesters.

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Chris Hayes makes a complete fool of himself every time he brings up Gaza.

And of course, right on cue Bernie Sanders had to run to the nearest camera and declare that the Gaza protests could be “Biden’s Vietnam.” That’s an asinine comparison—and Bernie knows this (which, I assume, is why he attributed it to unidentified “other people”).

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