Who Am I?

My name is Nick. That’s short for Domenick, not Nicholas. I was born and raised and still live in New York City, an experience that exposed me to a million different worldviews, cultures and food.

In 2006, I graduated with a Political Science degree from Hofstra University and spent the next few years bouncing around working in politics, journalism and television production until I landed my dream job as a reporter at the Queens Tribune, a newspaper I had wanted to write for since I passed its office going home from high school every day. I worked for the Tribune and later for the Queens Chronicle before fulfilling my lifelong dream of being an Editor In Chief, for the Tribune, in 2015.

I learned very quickly that sometimes living your dream can be a let-down. After two years of managing a newsroom, I left as it became clear the newspapers wouldn’t survive much longer. Having achieved my dream, I decided to branch out into uncharted waters, and on the same day Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States, I started studying for my real estate license. Since then I’ve worked as a realtor, a writer, and a freelance copy editor for polling firms and political consultants.

For much of this time, my only outlet for my thoughts, analysis, and rants was Facebook statuses and for years my family, friends, and other enjoyers of my words pushed me to create a blog or start a podcast.

Then the pandemic happened. With a ton of time on my hands, I did just that, and here we are.

I write mostly about politics and history, but you will also find some cultural stuff in this blog too: movies, music, travel, and other random thoughts I might have that might spark some of your own. I am happy to engage with you too, so feel free to reach out if something I write inspires you in any way.

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Nick Rafter

Native New Yorker. Bronx-born, Queens-raised son of a Brooklyn dad & Manhattan mom who met in Staten Island. Political guru; New York expert, realtor. Loves pretty election maps.